Insulation with Caruso-Iso-Bond ®

Contaminant-tested insulation material

We process CARUSO-ISO-BOND®, an ecological insulting material for thermal and acoustic insulation consisting of 100% polyester fibre. It contains no chemical bin- ding agents or additives whatsoever, has excellent insulating values, and is resis- tant to flame, rotting, deformation, mould and mites.
In addition to our acoustic panels for panelling walls and ceilings, we recommend insulting with CARUSO-ISO-BOND® to improve sound absorption.



  • Flame retardant, classified in Category B1 acc. to DIN 4102, Part 1,
    as well as various other fire prevention standards such as BS 5852-P2,
    California Standard, MVSS 203, F1, K1 etc.
  • Good thermal insulating properties up to WLG 0.035 (035) DIN 52612
  • Good acoustic insulating properties > 5 kNs/m4 DIN 52213
  • UV stable
  • resistant to rotting
  • contains no chemicals (necessary in some other products for resistance
    to moths, mould, flame)
  • non-toxic, contaminant-tested textile
  • According to Eco-Tex Standard 100, Test No. 94.0.0541 – Hohenstein Research
  • Minimum moisture absorption
  • Completely resistant to mould and mites
  • Completely resistant to mould and mites
    100% recyclable, ecological
  • gentle to skin, non-allergenic, breathable
  • 100% mono-material, flexible, resistant to deformation, high tensile strength
  • Independently monitored by FIW Munich
  • German construction material approval no. Z-23.1.3-278
  • Type of application W/WL