NAF (No Added Formaldehyde)

NAF SiegelMost furniture and panels contain formaldehyde and release it into the air we breathe. This effect is multiplied by perforated surfaces.
Such vapors can cause headache, loss of concentration, allergies, and are included inthe list of carcinogenic substances.


Akustipur from BVS is glued without any formalde- hyde whatsoever.

For its Akustipur panels, BVS uses exclusive from Glunz panels glued without any formaldehyde. This company is one of the four certified* producers of derived timber products who do not use formaldehyde-based bonding agents for production of their MDF products.

This means that Akustipur is the ideal panel for indoor projects and any other place where a healthy atmosphere is important. Akustipur also uses NAF bonding agents for panels classified in Fire protection class B1.


Sporthalle mit Akustikelementen

NAF is the highest possible standard for formaldehyde emission from wood and derived timber products.


* Akustipur backing panels from Glunz have been Certified by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Holzforschung [Faunhofer Institute for Wood Research] (WKI) in Braunschweig.

NAF Tabelle Akustikplatte


Data sheets and test certificates

Datei im PDF-FormatTest certificate regarding the formaldehyde content by the material testing Brandenburg GmbH (German)

Datei im PDF-FormatARB Approval State of California

Datei im PDF-FormatInformation of Glunz AG on NAF (German)

Datei im PDF-FormatTechnical data sheet TOPAN MDF (German)